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Signs of unhealthy male organ

According to Cleveland Clinic, certain signs and symptoms might tell you that the male organ is unhealthy.

Signs that the male organ is unhealthy include::

1. Black and blue marks on the male organ (bruises).

2. A painful, itchy rash on the male organ.

3. Blisters, warts, or small red bumps on the male organ.

4. A painless sore on the shaft of the male organ.

5. A bend in the male organ.

6. Yellow or green discharge from the tip of the male organ.

7. Swelling at the tip of the male organ.

Other signs that the male organ is unhealthy or that you might be having other issues are:

8. Issues getting or keeping the male organ erect.

9. Burning when you go to the bathroom.

10. Bleeding when you go to the bathroom or when you climax.

11. Changes in the way you climax.

12. Having pain when the male organ rises.

13. Having pain when you are having intercourse.

Visually inspecting the male organ frequently is a way to know of new signs or symptoms the male organ is not healthy.

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