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If You Suddenly Wake Up In The Midnight, Do This.

A lot of things go on in the midnight both good and bad but the bad is more common. The bad is more common because that's the time evil people come together to plot evil against others. Witches, occultic people and other rulers of darkness plan and carryout a lot of their activities in the midnight.

If you are not spiritually strong, you will be prone to their devices of wickedness or rather, they will be able to harm you.

When you are sleeping and suddenly wake up in the midnight especially if you were turning restlessly before you woke up, this is what you must do.

You must pray! Yes, you should begin to pray and speak in tongues if you can. It is a sign that danger is looming around and you must pray in order to overcome that danger. 

So many people have been oppressed spiritually simply because they ignored the sign to get up and pray. They felt there was no need to. They felt it was normal for them to wake up in the midnight just like that.

They didn't know it was a call to pray and scatter the plans of evil people.

So, when next you suddenly wake up in the midnight, pray!

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