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6 Major Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Bitter Kola

6 Major Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Bitter Kola

Butter Kola is one thing old people in Nigeria doesn't joke with,all tribes in the country are fond of eating Bitter Kola and also,it represents a lot in a lot of traditional events and marriages, but I would love to share with you some reasons why you should stop eating Bitter Kola and also, the side effects of Bitter Kola.

1. We all know that bitter Kola is made up of a lot of caffeine which makes wheeling of bitter Kola to be completely unhealthy Nd lso, people with cardiovascular problems are very well advised to reduce the rate at which they consume bitter Kola.

2. Too much Kola may be completely harmful to the eyes as it can cause glaucoma defects to the eyes, though scientists have confirmed that a reasonable rate of consumption can prevent glaucoma.

3. It is believed that Bitter Kola is one of the main causes of mouth cancer, a lot of researches have proven that too much of it can also result to gastrointestinal cancer or mouth cancer.

4. People who have diarrhea related problems should know that bitter Kola can actually worsen the situation though, bitter Kola can deteriorate any case of diarrhea.

5. The nuts in Bitter Kola contains a lot of components that can actually cause some really unstable psychological state and that is really a major cause of anxiety which is harmful to every human.

6. There might be problems like blood flow control especially when an injury is suffered if you are fond of eating Bitter Kola always, as it is known to be capable of slowing down blood clothing.

I believe that the above listed reasons are good enough to convince you that bitter Kola shouldn't be over consumed due to the much number of side effects it is giving to our body.

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