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Foods With Anti-ageing Properties That Keep Your Blood Vessels Young

The heart, the arteries and veins, and the blood that flows through them all make up your vascular system. Yet, the vascular system, and the blood vessels in particular, can age just like any other organ in the body. The Cleveland Clinic claims that as we become older, our blood arteries become less flexible and less able to expand and contract normally.

This can increase their susceptibility to swelling and wall thickening caused by inflammation. There is evidence to suggest that the aging of a person's blood vessels is faster than their actual age. Many of these people, however, have blood vessels that appear to be ten or more years younger than their actual age.

Studies in the last few years have demonstrated that eating specific foods can dramatically slow down the aging process of your blood vessels and vascular system. In light of this, the foods that can help you maintain healthy blood vessels are the focus of this piece.

Here we take a look at these foods:

Intensely polyphenolic and compound-rich foods

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defenses in the body are activated by meals rich in polyphenols and other phyto-compounds, which can help minimize arterial stiffness and maintain blood vessel health, as stated by the Cleveland Clinic. Dark chocolate, coffee, cocoa, tea, and berries all fit the bill.

Foods high in carotenoids

Antioxidant effects of carotenoid compounds are well-documented. They can aid in activating your body's natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defense mechanisms. The carotenoid concentration of foods is high in dark greens like spinach, lettuce, and kale, as well as in carrots and other deeply colored vegetables.

Foods high in nitrates

Greens like spinach, celery, and kale are examples of these. Vegetables high in nitrates, which relax and widen blood vessels, are a well-documented health benefit. Vascular dilation is recognized to have rejuvenating effects on the blood vessels and delay the aging process.

4. Nutrient-rich foods for a balanced microbiome

The microorganisms in your digestive tract can be bolstered by eating foods high in prebiotics and fermentable fiber. Endothelial function can be improved by microbes, and prebiotics may be useful in reducing endothelial dysfunction. Dried beans (including black beans and kidney beans), lentils, split peas, oats, and chickpeas are all excellent food choices that provide a good amount of prebiotic carbohydrates.

Listed as number five on the list of foods high in omega-3 fatty acids

WebMD reports that those with raised blood lipids, metabolic syndrome, or who are overweight or obese can benefit from eating foods high in omega-3s since it helps improve endothelial function. Salmon, tuna, herring, and sardines are just a few examples of omega-3-rich seafood.

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