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One Substance People Use In Cooking Moi-moi That Can Lead To Cancer

Moi-moi is a protein rich staple good native to West Africa. It is among those recipes made from beans and is made by grinding beans to paste after having their caps removed, then added a little water for dilution before adding some other ingredients like salt, seasoning, crayfish, pepper, oil and then wrapped in a nylon or cellophane bag before having them sent in a pot of already boiling water.


It's been warned severally that the habit of using nylons to wrap our foods is an unhealthy one and can lead to several health damages on the long run.

As recorded on Daily sun, nylons and other cellophane bags can contaminate the foods they are prepared with, substances known as dioxins are often responsible for this. These dioxins are carcinogenic substances.

Carcinogenic substances are substances that are capable of increasing the chances at which someone would suffer cancer. Have you ever wondered why our forefathers seemed to live longer than us? The longevity in their generation is more incredible in comparison with that of our generation, the feeding choices we make is one of them. Why most of these terminal ailments were less pronounced during their time?

During their time no one would ever use nylon to cook for any reason, all they embrace is natural options in feeding habits and this goes a long way in helping them. Thus, to bring back this longevity, we must learn to embrace natural options ahead of those quick fix methods.

Therefore, it is more advisable using the native and local leaves used by out grandmothers. It may be more stressful getting to use them but good things are worth the stress. By doing this, you save yourself the risk of getting contaminated with cancer causative substances while you enjoy your staple proteinous meal.

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