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What Are The Symptoms You May Notice If You Have A Nipple Problem?

Illnesses or irritants in the environment you stay in can lead to nipple problems. These problems, including those that involve the milk ducts, can occur both in men and women. 

Nipple problems may indicate an underlying health issue which needs treatment.

As shown by Healthline, people who have nipple issues might notice discharge, such as pus or white, watery fluid. You may also have painful feelings, itchiness, or swelling in your nipples. Try meeting with your doctor as soon as possible if you have any discharge at all or discomfort that happens for more than a few days.

You may also discover changes in the shape of your nipple or areola, which is the skin that is close to your nipple. These changes may encompass puckering or dimpling of the skin. Always discuss changes like this with your healthcare provider.

In women, fluctuations of hormones during the menstrual cycle can lead to monthly discomfort that lasts for some days.

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