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2 Medical Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Too Much Red Meat

Photo Credit: Healthline.

Red meat is muscle meat from cattle, swine, lamb, goat, or other land mammals, according to experts. Red meat, on the one hand, is high in certain nutrients, particularly vitamin B-12 and iron. These nutrients are required in the human body to manufacture new red blood cells.

Red meat is also high in protein, which is required for the growth of muscle, bone, and other tissues, as well as the production of enzymes. However, several studies have connected red meat consumption to a variety of health difficulties, including heart disease, some malignancies, kidney disorders, digestive problems, and mortality.

1. Coronary artery disease (Heart problem).

Several studies have linked regular consumption of red meat to an increased risk of heart disease. For years, researchers have concluded that the saturated fat found in red meat is to blame for the association between red meat consumption and heart disease.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), red meat has more saturated fat than other protein sources like chicken, fish, or lentils. They claim that eating a lot of saturated fat and a little bit of trans fat raises cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease.

2. Death and cancer.

According research, consuming red meat daily may increase the risk of cancer or death. Specific studies' findings, on the other hand, differ. Red meat is "probably carcinogenic to people," according to a 2015 study, while processed meat is "carcinogenic to humans." This corresponds to the classifications used by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the paper, people who eat more red meat were more likely to acquire colon cancer, based on numerous studies. Both red meat and processed meat had a higher risk, though processed meat looked to have a higher risk.

(Note: It's difficult to make a direct relationship between a particular diet or food group and health issues. This is because a variety of other factors, such as genetics, environment, health history, stress levels, sleep quality, lifestyle, and other dietary factors, may influence whether or not a person gets a certain ailment or disease.

Despite this, the volume of research suggesting that consuming a lot of red meat, particularly processed meat, can cause health problems is increasing).

Write-up Credit: Medical News Today

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