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Why Every Man Should Grow His Pubic Hair

While not all men support the idea of growing their pubic hair, I will be sharing a few reasons why every man out there should consider growing his pubic hair.

1. It might interest you to know that your pubic hair helps keep you safe from bacterial infections that could be injurious to your health.

You will all agree with me that pubic hair is there for a reason, they help shield your pubic region from any foreign bacteria falling on them. Also, when you shave them, you are prone to different cuts that could get infected.

Therefore, the best way to stay safe from all these troubles is to grow your pubic hair.

2. Secondly, your pubic hair helps reduce friction on your pubic region that could cause abrasion and other injuries, most especially during intercourse.

Furthermore, it helps prevent your pants and other clothing from coming in direct contact with your pubic skin, thereby making you uncomfortable.

These are a few among many reasons why men should grow their pubic hair.

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