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3 Healthy Morning Foods For Children Who Are Below 12 Years

Morning food or breakfast refers to the food we eat in the morning, such foods are believed by some to be the most important food of the day, well, this depends on the individual because some people claim to work better when they skip breakfast, while some others can't properly focus without eating breakfast as the essential nutrients they need to start the day are lacking.

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Despite the talks about morning food, it is still of utmost importance that our children eat good, healthy, and nutrient-packed foods for breakfast, using a range of 12 years and below I'll tell you some of the healthy morning foods you can feed your children.

There are essential nutrients one should look for in breakfast, and when it comes to children they need these nutrients for development, so, breakfast should not be skipped as it concerns these little ones, they need to eat breakfast because children who eat breakfast tend to be healthier and more likely to take part in physical activities in comparison to those children who skip breakfast.

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Other benefits of breakfast in children include

√ Boosting concentration in school

√ Keeping overweight in check

√ Getting important nutrients, etc.

With these benefits of breakfast in children, I present you with 3 healthy morning foods that you can give to your children who are 12 years and below.

1. Healthy whole grains.

Brown rice, Photo Credit: Eat This, Not That

Whole grains usually have all three parts of the grain intact, that is, the endosperm, bran, and germ. Whole grains include millet, quinoa brown rice, whole wheat, and more, they are more nutritious and healthier when compared to refined grains due to their fiber, protein, vitamin, and mineral content, so, they serve as good breakfasts options for children.

Some whole-grain breakfasts include pumpkin-quinoa porridge, strawberry ricotta toast, and brown rice.

2. Fruits and Vegetables.

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Fruit and vegetables are highly nutritious and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which makes them beneficial to human health, well, children are also humans and fruits are beneficial to them when eaten as breakfast, the same thing applies to vegetables.

Apart from the health benefits of these fruits and vegetables, it is stated by Healthline that serving vegetables and fruits to your children for breakfast can help them develop healthy eating habits. One identified issue associated with vegetables and fruits is that we don't get to eat the recommended daily amount.

3. Eggs and Egg-based breakfasts.

Photo Credit: Times of India

Egg is good for children as breakfast in that it offers essential nutrients and keeps them full throughout the morning, the high-quality protein in egg, alongside the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals work together to give good health benefits to those children that eat it.

Looking closely at what children below 12 years of age stand to gain from egg makes me want to be young again. First of all, the high-quality protein in eggs helps children to build muscles and tissues, also lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants contained in eggs, which help to improve brain and eye health in children, these benefits can translate to improved academic performance in children.

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In conclusion, breakfast is essential for children and they need to eat the right and healthy foods to get the best out of breakfast, remember that their brain health can be improved depending on the breakfast you give to them.

Source: Healthline

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