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Good Sitting and Sleeping Positions for Pile Patients

According to Healthline - Hemorrhoids are enlarged or swollen blood vessels at the end of the large intestine (rectum) up to the anus. It is not uncommon for this swelling to extend beyond the anus, causing pain and discomfort, especially when sitting or sleeping.

What is a good sitting and sleeping position for hemorrhoid sufferers? Check out the following review.

Good sitting and sleeping positions for piles sufferers

People who suffer from hemorrhoids or piles often feel uncomfortable when sitting or sleeping. This occurs due to swelling and enlargement of the blood vessels at the end of the large intestine to the anus disturbing the sitting or even lying position of hemorrhoid sufferers.

Not infrequently, the pain condition is even more intense because the swelling occurs outside the anus.

Knowing a good sitting or even sleeping position can help reduce tension in the anal area, reduce pain, and prevent recurrence or worsening of the condition.

Some tips for good sitting and sleeping positions for hemorrhoid sufferers include:

1. Avoid sitting on hard surfaces

Sitting on hard surfaces can aggravate anal pain caused by hemorrhoids. Sitting on a hard base can compress the buttock muscles.

This can cause the area around the piles to stretch and force the swollen veins to be pushed outward more. This leads to more intense pain.

causing increasingly severe pain.

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2. Use pillows when sitting

Instead of sitting on a hard surface, piles sufferers should use a pillow when sitting. Sitting with a pillow can be useful for reducing tension in the anal area in hemorrhoid sufferers.

You can also choose a chair that has special padding to support the buttocks area.

3. Avoid sitting too long on the toilet

Without realizing it, you may sit for a long time on the toilet. For hemorrhoid sufferers, this should be avoided.

Sitting for a long time on the toilet causes blood to gather around the anal area and enlarge the blood vessels. This condition can make your piles more painful.

Difficulty defecating is a cause of hemorrhoids that makes you sit on the toilet for too long. You can try to move more to stimulate bowel movements. This can make bowel movements smoother so you don't have to sit on the toilet for too long.

4. Use a small stool to support your feet when using the toilet seat

Sitting on a toilet seat is not ideal, especially for people with piles. That's why you might want to consider using a small stool to support your legs.

Putting both feet on the stool while using the toilet seat will make your knees slightly raised. This will change the angle of the anus (rectum) making it easier for feces to pass.

This sitting position can help the defecation process go more smoothly so it is not painful for people with hemorrhoids. In addition, this method also makes you do not need to linger in the toilet seat which can aggravate the condition of hemorrhoids.

5. Sitting bath in warm water

Soaking in warm water (bath sitz) in a sitting position can be useful to reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids that you experience.

You can soak (especially the anal area) for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day to relieve inflammation in the anal area and make your condition more comfortable.

6. Sleeping on your stomach

Not only the position when sitting, hemorrhoids sometimes make it difficult for you to find a comfortable sleeping position.

According to Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center, the recommended sleeping position for hemorrhoid sufferers is the prone position.

This position is known to reduce pain in the anus. You can also place a pillow under your pelvis to prevent yourself from rolling over onto your back.

Taking a bath before bed can also make your sleep more comfortable.

Swollen blood vessels in the colon area up to the anus make hemorrhoid or piles sufferers experience pain and discomfort during activities, even when sitting and sleeping.

The correct sitting or sleeping position can reduce tension in the anal area, reduce pain, and prevent recurrence or worsening of the condition.

In addition, eating high-fiber foods, cold compresses, maintaining anal hygiene, and regular physical activity can be effective ways to reduce swelling and inflammation in your hemorrhoids.

It can also help with constipation that can make hemorrhoids worse.

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