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Reactions Trails Mimi Ubini's Post Says "She Was Labelled A Bad Girl Because Of Her Full Chest"

Most people find it hard to understand the level of transformation their body is going through at a young age. They might not like the color of their hair, their hight or their body shape. To make matters worse, other people would body shame them into thinking their not beautiful or handsome enough. This as affected the mental health of some ladies and men while growth up. They tend to lose confident in themselves. Although, over the years people has come to understand that no one has the right to make you feel bad because of the way you look.

Mimi Ubini took to her official Instagram page and made some things known about her childhood days. She was looking very mature for her age and she was dragged for his. At a point she lost confident in her self but now she is proud of it as you can see.

@mimiubini: Growing Up, I was ashamed of my breast. I hated it because among my prees I was the only one with full chest. I was labeled a bad girl because on my full chest but now I am loving it. Her post also led to a lot of Reactions from some instagram users.

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Mimi Ubini


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