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5 Groups Of People That Should Not Consume Any Part Of Neem Tree (Dogonyaro)

Neem is a tree that is popularly found in the Northern part of Nigeria. Studies have shown that, neem has over 130 active properties and the, leaves, bark and extracts of neem tree have herbal properties.

In the northern part of Nigeria, women who recently gave birth combine neem leaves with hot water to shower. Neem is also used for its antimalarial properties, neem is also a very effective way of regulating blood sugar, treating ulcers etc.

However, there are categories of people that are not meant to consume neem leaves, neem bark, neem extract or, any other part of neem because, of the negative effects it might have on their health.

Here Are Five Categories Of People That Should Not Take Neem ( Dogonyaro)

1. Pregnant Women: pregnant women should under no circumstance consume any part of neem tree especially, neem bark and the oil extract of neem tree.

Because, orally taking neem products during pregnancy can induce miscarriage which can result in a woman losing her pregnancy.

2. Men Who Are Trying To Have Children: young men who are seeking to children should avoid consuming neem because, neem has properties that can reduce a man's fertility or, render him infertile. In some cases neem has been prescribed to men as an alternative to vasectomy (vasectomy is a surgery that renders a make sterile or, infertile).

Neem can either immobilize a man's sperm or, kill the sperm. However, the infertility effects of neem is reversible.

3. People Who Had An Organ Transplant: an organ transplant is a surgery inwhich organs like, a kidney, is taken from another person's body and planted into another person's body. When people undergo organ transplant, they are given certain medications that helps to prevent their body from rejecting the organ.

However, it is believed that, neem contains compounds that can reduce the effects of those drugs which in turn increases the chance of organ rejection in that person. So, people who have undergone an organ transplant should stay away from neem.

4. People With Low Blood Sugar: one of the health benefits of neem is that, it helps to lower blood sugar levels which makes it good for people who have diabetes due to, high blood sugar. However, consuming neem when you have low blood sugar can be fatal.

Also people who are about to undergo and people who are still recovering from surgery should also avoid neem because, it can interfere with blood sugar control.

5. Nursing Mothers: these are women who are breastfeeding. Although, there is no sufficient evidence to back this claim up, it is still believed that, taking been while nursing can be harmful for the baby.

So in other to be safe, do not take been while nursing.

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