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Foods That Leaves You Susceptible To Cancer

 Cancer is a very complex and dangerous disease. There are many different types of cancers, as well as many potential causes. Although we still don't know all the answers, what is known is that a variety of factors can contribute to the development of cancer. One of the most important lifestyle factors to consider is your diet. That's because a large body of research has shown that some foods are associated with a higher risk of certain types of cancer. Some foods can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity, which are associated with certain types of cancer. While Other foods contain carcinogens, which are harmful substances that have the capacity to cause cancer.

Let's see some harmful foods that can increase your chances of having cancer.

 Processed meats

 Processed meat is any type of meat that's been preserved by smoking, salting, curing, or canning. Most processed meats are red meats. Some examples of those red meat are:

1 hot dogs

2 salami

3 sausage

4 ham

5 corned beef

6 beef jerky

 According to a 2019 review, processed meat is a major risk factor for colorectal cancer.

 Fried foods

 When starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures, a compound called acrylamide is formed. This can happen during frying, baking, roasting, and toasting. Eating a lot of fried food also increases your risk according to Trusted Source for type 2 diabetes and obesity. These conditions can promote oxidative stress and inflammation, further increasing your cancer risk.

 Overcooked foods

 Overcooking foods, especially meats, can produce carcinogens. cooking meat with high heat creates carcinogenic PAHs and heterocyclic amines (HCAs). These substances may increase the risk of cancer by altering the DNA of your cells. You're likely to overcook foods when you cook with high temperatures or oven. This includes cooking methods like:

1 grilling

2 barbecuing

3 pan-frying

 To reduce your risk of carcinogens from high-heat cooking, try using healthier cooking methods such as:pressure cooking, baking or roasting at lower temperatures


There's some evidence that dairy may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Dairy foods include products like milk, cheese, Yogurt. dairy increases levels of an insulin-like growth factor. This is associated with a higher risk of prostate cancer.


 Note that When you consume alcohol, your liver breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, a carcinogenic compound also know that In women, alcohol increases levels of estrogen in the body. 

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