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9 Popular Foods Diabetes Patients Should Avoid Because Of Their High Sugar Content

Diabetes is caused by a spike in the blood sugar level, which has many negative effects in the body. The foods we eat performs many functions in our body and those who consume foods that are high in calories, cholesterol and fat stands at a great risk of suffering from diabetes. Diabetes patients are advised to control what they eat because doing so puts their blood sugar level in check. In this article, I will be showing you nine popular foods diabetic patients are advised not to eat.

1. Pasta.

This is a highly processed food which is high in carbohydrates. It is no doubt that eating pasta as a diabetic tend to increase blood sugar level. Pasta is sweet, delicious and available, but for the fact that it contain high carbohydrates, diabetes patients are advised to avoid it.

2. Fries.

Examples are plantain chips, fried yam, fried potatoes etc. These foods have been deep-fried in vegetable oil, they are also high in carbohydrates. Studies have shown that consumption of fried high-carb foods should be avoided by diabetes patients. Instead, you should consider taking the cooked ones in relatively small quantity.

3. Ice cream.

Filled with lots of added sugar and preservatives. Diabetes patients should try and avoid ice cream no matter how tempting it may be because it's not good for their health.

4. Tea.

Adding sugar to your tea as a diabetic is not advisable. If you must drink tea, it shouldn't contain more than one cube of sugar for your well-being.

5. Rice.

Because of its high glycemic index, diabetes patients are advised to stay clear of rice. Research has shown that consumption of rice tend to raise blood glucose level, this is the reason why it should be avoided by diabetics.

6. Honey.

This is one of the best foods in the world because it possesses amazing health benefits. However, studies has shown that honey is a sweetener and thus has many effects in the blood sugar level. Always try and consume it in moderation if you have diabetes.

7. Flavored drinks.

The presence of added sugars and preservatives in flavored drinks makes it unhealthy for diabetes patients, so you should reduce your intake of them. Some examples include energy drinks, fruit juice, sodas etc.

8. White bread.

Because of its ability to cause weight gain and insulin resistance, diabetes patients are advised to avoid white bread. They should go for grain or wheat bread instead because they are less processed and contain less sugar.

9. Cassava products.

Cassava is very high in carbohydrates. Diabetes patients should stay clear of cassava products such as garri, fufu, tapioca etc.

There's a popular saying that health is wealth. The earlier you learn how to control your appetite as a diabetic patient, the quicker your recovery. It should be noted that the above-mentioned foods are all healthy for the body, avoidance should only be specifically for diabetes patients.

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