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5 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Taking Drugs

Drugs are made using both chemical and non chemical compounds so, it is important to take them the right way. Unfortunately, many people make so many mistakes while taking drugs, some of these mistakes are not deadly but can reduce the effectiveness of the drugs or cause harm to the health.

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Here Are Six Mistakes You Should Never Make When Taking Drugs

1. Not Drinking Enough Water Or Drinking Too Much Water: it is important to drink enough water because, drugs need water to be broken down and absorbed by the body in order to function. However, many people do not like drinking water when taking medication because drinking water tends to make their mouth bitter.

Drinking too much water while on drugs is bad because, it will make you to urinate which flushes the drugs out of your system thereby, preventing it from working properly.

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2. Not Completing Your Dose Or Taking An Extra Dose: many people have the habit of abandoning their drugs before completing the dosage once they think that they are better.

Also, some people have the habit of taking an extra dose if they feel that the dose they previously took was not enough or, if they missed a tablet. This is very wrong and can lead to drug resistance.

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3. Self Medicating: self medication occurs when a person who is not a health professional diagonose themselves and prescribes medication for themselves. Many people are guilty of this and are not aware of the dangers that comes with self medicating.

You might feel that your headache is caused by malaria or, typhoid without knowing that the cause is a silent killer disease like hypertension.

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4. Taking Herbal Drugs In Addition To Your Prescribed Drugs: as funny as this might sound, many people combine prescription drugs with herbal drugs and the logic behind this according to some of them is that, herbal drugs are more potent and will make their recovery faster.

However, this is a big mistake that could counter the effectiveness of the prescription drugs at best or, cause a life-threatening reaction at worse.

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5. Taking Drugs On Empty Stomach: the pharmacists or, doctor who asked you to take drugs after eating gave you that directions for a reason. When drugs enter your empty stomach it will make the stomach release gastric secretions that will change the PH of the stomach.

So, except you were asked specifically not to eat before taking a medication, always take a medication after eating.

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In conclusion experts have said that drugs are poison and therapeutic at the same time and how we take them will determine whether they will act as poison or therapeutic agents in the body.

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