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What are the health benefits of Laughter?

In many countries, April 1 is celebrated as a day of laughter.

According to Mayo Clinic, scientists have conducted many interesting studies on laughter and came to the conclusion that laughter has a very positive effect on human health.

Laughter lowers levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisone in the blood, while levels of the happiness hormones (endorphins) rise. As a result, stress and tension are reduced. It has been proven that chronic stress and tension lead to the development of many disorders.

Tension also increases in the internal organs of a person who is constantly in a tense situation, which causes problems in the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Thus, a person in a tense state has poor bowel function, which can lead to constipation. 

Chronic stress causes blood vessels to spasm. As a result, the blood circulates poorly, inflammation develops in the arteries, and cholesterol accumulates more quickly in the inner walls of the arteries.

That's why doctors advise people suffering from heart disease to avoid stress and laugh more.

According to scientists, cheerful, smiling people get sick less and recover faster. The fact is that laughter has a very positive effect on the immune system. According to scientists, the number of immune cells in the blood increases during laughter.

Laughter even has an analgesic effect. American oncologists conducted an interesting experiment. Doctors advised a group of patients to watch comedies, comedy shows and shows. As a result, these patients suffered less pain and needed less analgesics.

Doctors recommend treating headaches caused by spasms ... with laughter. If you have a headache, watch a comedy. After a while, you will feel a decrease in your headaches.

Endocrinologists note that in their cheerful, smiling patients, blood sugar levels are more easily regulated and the disease is milder.

Laughter cleanses the upper respiratory tract, the body receives more oxygen, and blood circulation improves.

Swedish scientists have compared the lives of comic and tragic theater actors. It has been found that comedians are less likely to get sick and live longer than tragic actors.

(Source - Mayo Clinic, Very well mind)

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