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How to cure infertility within one month

Have you ever heard of the Chaya plant? Although it is commonly called "Hospital s too far" in Nigeria.It grows anywhere in the tropics and gives out its toxins when boiled. The toxin in the water appears in a reddish colour. Chaya plant has good health benefits and can cure infertility in both men and women by following the instructions:

Cook the leaves for at least 3-5 minutes, however removing the toxin which makes it safe to eat. It should be consumed with food and can be used to cook food.

Chaya is also said to do the following:

° Improve blood circulation

° Helps digestion

° Improves vision

° Prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoid

° Lower cholesterol

° Help reduce weight

° Prevent cough

° Augment calcium in the bones and teeth

° Decongest and disinfect the lungs

° Prevent anaemia

° Improve memory and brain function

° Combats arthritis

° Improve glucose metabolism and prevent diabetesChaya plant is very healthy and is a good source of treatment. Follow the instructions and get your results in no time.

Thank you

Content created and supplied by: Samuelmimi (via Opera News )

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