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See 4 Nigerian Delicacies That can Keep Your Weight in Check

Obesity or Overweight is one of the major causes of several diseases people suffer, mostly cardiovascular diseases. This is why every individual should be careful with his or her weight. You can be chubby but don't prayer to be obese, it exposes a person to several illnesses which can result to death.

This is why every individual should be careful about what he or she eats. This is why I have specifically prepared this article to show you some of the major Nigerian delicacies you can eat that will keep your weight in check.

1. Unripe plantain and Chicken pepper soup

This does not only help you, it always has a very great taste. Plantain is not a starchy food. This is why it is good to eat, if you want reduction in your weight. Pepper soup is also a burner of fat. So it is highly advised that a person prepare chicken or fish pepper soup, if you want reduction in your weight.

2. Okra Pepper Soup and Amala

This is a perfect combination when it comes to taste. It is also a great combination for reduction of weight. As I earlier said, pepper soup helps in reduction of weight and Amala is made of plantain floor, which means it is safe for reduction of weight.

3. Fried Basmati rice with chicken and fish

This is one of the major mouth watering foods. It is a pure delicacies meant to satisfy the eaters in terms of taste. It is also very good if you want to reduce your weight. This is because Basmati rice is a long grain rice with a little starch and chicken breaks down to healthy components in the body. Which means that the combination is perfect.

4. Goat Meat pepper soup with Agidi

Goat meat pepper soup and Agidi is a perfect combination if you want to reduce your weight or size. Goat meat is more preferable because it can burn down into healthy components in the body just like chicken and fish. Agidi, itself is a whole grain that means it is perfectly good for the body.

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