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Side Effects Of Excess Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today despite repeated warnings regarding it's safety. In this article, we want to look into some side effects of excessive drinking of alcohol.

Alcohol could have the following short term and long term effects on heavy alcohol drinkers.

1. Slurred speech.

Alcohol may temporary affect the way people speak. Most people after heavy alcohol drinking may experience slurred speech.

2. Vomitting.

Many people after binge drinking may begin to vomit. This is because of the harmful effect of these chemicals on the body.

3. Drowsiness.

Naturally most people become drowsy after binge drinking. This may actually affect your soberness.

4. Stomach upset.

Many people get an upset stomach after heavy alcohol drinking.

5. Headache.

Some people experience headache after heavy alcohol drinking. Remember that taking more than two drinks in a day is excessive drinking for a man, while more than one drink of beer in a day is excessive drinking for a woman.

6. Breathing problems.

Some people experience breathing problems after drinking much alcohol because it affects some of the major body organs negatively.

7. High blood pressure and heart diseases.

In the long run, excessive drinking of alcohol could cause high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

8. May Increase a person's risk of getting chronic deseases like cancer..

Prolonged alcohol consumption may increase a person's chance of getting some types of cancer.

9. May Cause Liver damage.

Prolonged alcohol consumption may cause damage to the liver and other major body organs.

10. Is the major cause of accidents and crimes.

Studies have shown that most criminal activities and violence were triggered by alcohol consumption. The list of harm that could be caused by excessive alcohol consumption is endless.

Avoid alcohol or at least don't exceed recommended dosage to avoid harm to your health.

Sources of information: www. drugfree www.cdc. gov.

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