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Kidney Cancer: Things That Can Raise Your Chances Of Suffering From This Condition

The kidneys are highly important organs of the human body. They literally control the evacuation of waste products or substances no longer needed by the body through urine and faeces. But like other organs and parts of the human body, the kidneys are also prone to being cancerous i.e. there could still be growth of cancerous cells in the kidneys.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things that can raise your chances of suffering from kidney cancer. These are otherwise referred to as the risk factors of kidney cancer, just sit tight and enjoy this article whilst learning something new.

What Are Things That Can Raise Your Chances Of Suffering Fromm Kidney Cancer?

1. High Blood Pressure; this is one of the risk factors of kidney cancer. If your blood pressure is very high, then you are at a much higher risk of suffering kidney cancer unless you are on a medication to reduce the blood pressure.

2. Family History; if someone in your family suffered from kidney cancer while he or she was alive, then there is also a high chance you might also suffer from the disease. Most chronic diseases like this often runs in families and as such, if someone like your dad or mum suffered from it, you have a higher chance of suffering it also.

3. Smoking; this is another thing that can raise a person's risk of suffering from kidney cancer. If you are a habitual smoker, you are automatically at a much higher risk of quite a number of cancer; one of which is kidney cancer.

4. Gender; if you are a man then you are twice as likely to suffer from kidney cancer than a woman or young lady. Reason being that men are more likely to become chain smokers and also adopt most unhealthy habits. So men are at a higher risk of suffering kidney cancer.

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Source: Cancer.Org

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