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6 Tips that makes frying less harmful to your health

We are always advised to avoid fried foods because they are not good for our health. This is mainly because of the high level of low density cholesterol (or bad cholesterol) fried foods contains.

However, there are some situations where frying can not be avoided. This article reveals some tips that makes frying less harmful to your health.

If you must fry, kindly adopt these tips for the health benefit of all consuming the food being fried. The six tips are:

1. Always use heart friendly or healthy oil to fry such as sunflower oil, soya oil, no cholesterol oil, edible olive oil, flaxcid oil e.t.c.

2. Deep fry

Although this requires a lot of oil, it is more beneficial to your health.

3. Never use palm oil in frying

Palm oil has high cholesterol and its use should be avoided in frying.

4. Fry to done and avoid burning

The dangers of burnt food can't be overemphasized, therefore, avoid burning.

5. Use low heat while frying

This tip supports the fourth point. Low heat would help to reduce the chances of the food getting burnt during the frying process.

6. Avoid reusing oil to fry.

These six tips all help to limit the cholesterol level in fried foods. So, no matter what you are frying, always have these tips at the back of your mind and stick to them or rather carry them out judiciously to increase your chances of a good health.

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