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Have You Ever Seen A Blue Eyed African Before? Check Out 10 Amazing Pictures Of Blued Eyed Africans

Africans are known to have brown eyes while people from Caucasian ancestry are known to have blue eyes, it is always rare to find an African with blue eyes.

The major cause of having blue eyes have been traced by scientist for years down to mutation of the OCA2 gene, this the gene responsible for the production of brown pigment in our eyes.

 Due to the mutation of the gene that produces the brown pigment in the eyes, this results in low melanin concentration, which produces a blue eyed gene.

The blue- eye gene is passed from generation to generation, a person will have blue eyes, if he or she inherited the mutated gene from parents. 

Apart from a gene mutation, certain health conditions can make the color of the eyes to be blue, such as Waardenburg syndrome and ocular albinism.

It is very rare to see a black person with blue eyes, the brown eyes are peculiar to Africans. Most people don't know why some Africans do have blue eyes, even when it is to the Caucasians, it is due to either inherited gene or certain health conditions.

Dear Reader, which one do you prefer, blue eyes or brown eyes? Drop your comments!

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