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Do These Things When Snake Bites Someone Around You To Save Their Lives

In Nigeria, we get less than 100,000 cases of snakebite in a year so I'll say it is a rare case. Snakebite is the cause of about 94,000 to 125,000 deaths in the world. 

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However, I will be sharing with you things you should do when a snake bites someone around you to save their lives. See them below 👇👇

1. If the person was bitten on his hands, remove every jewelry or watches as these could cut into the skin if swelling occurs. Also, the person was bitten on his legs remove any shoes and footwear on. 

2. Keep the bite area below the heart in order to hinder the spread of the venom through the bloodstream. 

3. Tell the person to remain still and calm. Let him/her rest in a recovery position. Don't MOVE around a lot because it will cause the venom to spread faster through the body. 

4. Use a pressure immobilization bandage to wrap around the bite then wrap around bandage around the entire limb so that it is immobilized. You can use a torn cloth to wrap around the bite area to immobilize.

5. Get the person to a nearby certified hospital to get antivenom as that is the ultimate treatment for snakebite.

Nonetheless, I'll be sharing with you things that you should not do to save the victim's life. See them below 👇👇

1. Don't apply a tourniquet.

2. Don't try to suck out the venom.

3. Don't cut into the wound at all.

4. Don't allow the person to drink alcohol at all.

5. Don't apply ice or use water to immerse the wound.

6. Don't allow the to take any beverage or drink that has caffeine in it.

7. Don't give the person any pain-relieving medication such as ibuprofen.

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