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Are You About To Wed? These Are 8 Test You Should do Before You Sign That Marriage Certificate


Marriage is a beautiful Aspect of life that we all look forward to getting to, sometime in the future or probably by the weekend,but before you embark on that journey with "The One" Have you done these 8 Simple Test being you decided to sign that marriage certificate.

You must be wondering what Test I might be referring to. well below are 8 test that needs to be done.

1. H.I.V Test.

An H.I.V test is essential when it comes to getting married, The virus might not be as popular at it was at it initial Inception where it was a dreaded killer, doesn't mean it is not. Having an H.I.V positive Partner is not a bad idea provided he or she is on an antiRectoviral drugs that helps the immune system fight against the spread of the virus.

2. Hepatitis B test.

This is a killer Disease that is suddenly on the rise in the last decade and it is something that gives rise to concern as it mode of transmission can not be avoided in marriage due to need for conception. Hepatitis B can be treated By a Medical Expert

3.Hepatitis C Test.

Although Treatable, Spreads easily and it can become Chronic if adequate care is not taken, it affects the liver by Way of Inflammation.

4. Blood Group Test.

Blood group test is not new to "About to wed Couples" This is the first and most Essential, there are 4 main types of blood groups which are A,B,AB and O.

5. Fertility Test.

When we want to sow seed, We all wish to sow seed on fertile ground, children are the seeds of marriage, If sow on infertile everyone goes home hungry. Fertility test will examine if you are fit to bear and carry a child. not to worry, if your case is something that can be improved upon as a man then a few advise will be given to you on how to improve on your fertility level. 

6. Medical Condition Test.

Medical condition test is something we should never leave out, know the status of your would be partner, what chronic condition is he or she suffering from, will you still be able to carry on after the the marriage certificate has been signed. these as some questions you will be Asking yourself, If eventually he or she has a condition.

7. Other STD's

gonorrhea, Staphylococcus, these are some STD's that your partner could have without knowing and Long term STD's without treatment reduces your Fertility ratio aside from putting you at risk of immune system Breakdown

8. Mental Stability Test. 

The Rate of Martial murders and killing is enough reason for you to consider evaluating the mental health status of your partner and your self, are you fit for marriage, the fact that either you or your partner are calm in nature doesn't mean you are mentally stable, so why don't you get a test done to avoid had I know. 

So have you done this 8 test? If yes then what was the feeling like, why don't you leave a comment in the comment box and let get interactive shouldn't we?.

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H.I.V Hepatitis The One Way of Inflammation


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