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Check Out Pictures Of Bill Gates Vaccinating Little Children Across The World To Prevent Diseases

Bill Gates is a popular Billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft group, a digital software company that has ruled the computer industry for several years now. Gates is well known worldwide for his philanthropic gestures towards the poor and vulnerable in the society. In developing news today, it was reported that Gates has now divorced Melinda, his wife of 27 years. However, this article is focused on his activities medically to prevent the spread of diseases across the world through vaccination.

Bill Gates and his now estranged wife, Melinda French Gates are one of the most famous philanthropists in the world. It is estimated that they have both donated a total of about $36 billion to charitable causes aimed at poverty alleviation and a reduction in the spread of disease in vulnerable regions of the world. Some of the funds donated by the couple have been channeled towards the development of drugs, and in severe cases, vaccines for several dangerous diseases in the world.

During the Ebola Virus distress period in Africa some years ago, Bill Gates and Melinda through their foundation, donated about $50 million as a commitment fund aimed at scaling up emergency initiatives set up to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious disease in Africa. They have also committed about $258.3 million dollars in activities and researches aimed at finding a permanent solution for Malaria, a chronic tropical disease that kills hundreds of thousands of African children yearly.

In addition to their philanthropic gestures, the estranged couple have both visited rural areas in africa and other parts of the world to educate people on the need for vaccines. Previously, uneducated people have a predetermined wrong notion about vaccines. Many of these rural dwellers refuse to take vaccines as they believe that it may be harmful to them.

Most recently, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, a lot of persons attributed the administering of vaccine as a grand plot to depopulate the world. These notions are highly false and Bill Gates set out to disprove them by going out to these local areas and personally vaccinating little children across the world, so they can be immune to common diseases like Polio. See some of the pictures below.

Have you ever wondered why vaccines in Africa are very cheap and sometimes free despite costing billions of dollars to produce? The answer is quite mind-blowing. Philanthropists like Bill Gates and Melinda French come together to donate a large chunk of their wealth to subsidize these vaccines, so that they can be easily accessed by poor people in rural african areas and other countries that ordinarily, would not have been able to afford them.

As a result of their aggressive vaccination strategy, Polio, a disease common in little children has been almost eradicated and a lot more diseases like Ebola and Corona Virus would also be eradicated if people stop listening to false conspiracy theories and take vaccines mass produced to save lives

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