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Is MAGUN Charm a Lie? See what Medical Science says about it.

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Magun is a charm that originates from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. It literally means "do not climb." Magun has been used for centuries to catch a wife who has an extra-marital affair or to put a promiscuous woman in check.

In most circumstances, the charm is put on a woman without her knowledge. A stick of broom or thread is usually placed on the floor for a woman to unknowingly walk over it. Once she works over the thread or broom stick, the charm takes its effect. The woman and her lover stick like glue during the process of love making. The man cannot detach himself from the woman. This sometimes leads to death and in some cases a public humiliation of the stuck couple.

But this might be a mere myth given by our forefathers to scare married woman from being promiscuous, because actually there is a medical condition for such phenomena called Pen¡s captivus.

 Pen!s captivus is a rare occurrence during s€x when the muscles in the vag¡na clamp down on the pen¡s much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the pen¡s to be withdrawn from the vag¡na.

In some rare cases, the female reproductive organ may contract with enough force to latch onto the male. This could make it difficult for the partners to separate.

Now how could this be a charm.

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