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Tips To Wear Seat Belt Comfortably During Pregnancy

If you wear your seatbelt in the correct way, it can protect both you and your baby from serious harm.

Here are a few tips to wear your seat belt the right way:

1. Pregnant women should stick to the three-point seat belt. In a 3-point seat belt, a strap goes diagonally across the shoulder and one strap across the lap.

2. Wear the belt snugly on the hips.

3. During the first trimester, wear your belt the same way you usually do.

4. Tilt the seat back in order to make more room for your tummy.

5. Make sure you wear the shoulder strap between your breasts and a little to the side of the belly. It is important to wear it, as it will keep your weight off the baby if you get into an accident.

6. Place the lap belt under the belly to avoid an injury or unwanted pressure on the baby.

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