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Checkout The Health Benefits Of Akara

Akara which is also called beans cake is a popular food in Nigeria and it is usually made from beans, this food is mainly eaten with bread and some people call it a local sandwich. This food is mainly sold around a busy environment. There are many health benefits of eating Akara, check them out.

1. Prevent Cancer.

Due to abundant fibres and antioxidants that are present in akara, it helps prevent one from having cancer. Consumption of Akara helps prevent breast and prostate cancers.

2. Improve Heart Functions.

Since akara is a good source of beans it contains some amount of soluble dietary fibres which can help reduce the level of cholesterol and triglyceride. This cholesterol is also dangerous to the blood vessels because it causes a blockage to the blood vessels.

Complications of diabetes mellitus cause diseases of the kidney, retina and nerves.

3. Prevent The Risk Of Having Diabetes.

Akara is very good for the prevention of type 2 diabetes because it is rich in fibre.

Akara is known to have a low glycemic index of 44 and food with low glycemic index tend to raise blood sugar level slowly and this help prevents diabetes.

4. Easy To digest.

Akara is a protein source that digests fast and prevents bulging of the stomach and easy digestion of this food lead to easy absorption of food and nutrients are being circulated to all parts of the body.

5.They Contain Minerals And Vitamins

Akara contains some important minerals and vitamins which helps to protect the body from all manner of diseases.

Minerals found in protein are zinc and iron which are both needed for the maintenance and development of the immune system. Iron also helps prevent anaemia.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 have a significant role in preventing memory loss and vitamin b12 helps prevent pernicious anaemia.

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