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Top 11 Warning Signals On Your Immune System And Ways To Boosting It

The Immune System is a defence mechanism in the body that helps the body to fight and guard against disease and attack from infections.

They can however become weak or underperforming and ever overactive. 

None of these three conditions is good enough for the body as the body will not be able to wade attack from germs or disease as expected.

According to, the following are signs that the body is undergoing some form of Immune System. 

1. Dry And Red Eyes 

Red eyes or dry eye may be a sign of immune system problems. Sjögren’s syndrome dries up tears that keep eyes moist. Blurry vision is also a warning sign on the immune system.

2. Depression

 When you are constantly down in mood, it could be a sign of a poor immune system as a reduction in serotonin ( a chemical that lifts the mood) has been traced to the presence of cytokines in the brain which caused by a faulty immune system.  

3. Skin Rash 

The presence of skin rash or itchy rash is a pointer that your immune system is overactive. This is a situation whereby the immune system attacks your body. This can cause inflammation, reddish and painful patches or plagues. 

4. Bowel or Stomach troubles 

Bloating stomach, Diarrhea, belly pain and weight loss are signs that the immune system is having some troubles and need to be improved. 

5. Cold Hands and Feet 

If the thyroid gland is underactive then the affected person may develop cold feet and hands. This is a sign that the immune is weak. 

Also, the feet could turn white or blue during cold as blood flow to the hands and feet get reduced during low temperature this is directly linked to the immune condition.

6. Joint Pains 

Sudden pain, stiff joint or even swollen joint may be a sign of an active immune system. This could be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In RA, your immune system inflames tissue lining your joints. This causes severe joint pain. 

7. Hair Loss 

Hair loss is another sign of an overactive immune system as the immune system could attack your hair at the root and damage it, causing alopecia areata, or hair loss.  

Hair may fall out in small patches on your head or anywhere on your body.

9. Wounds Take Longer Time To Heal 

A sound immune system helps wounds, burns and cuts to heal fast but when the immune system is performing then minor cuts or wounds take a longer time than necessary to heal. Once you notice this, it is a warning sign to take heed.

10. Fatigue or Over Tiredness 

When you experience tiredness often or fatigue after little or less activity, this is could be a sign that there is an immune system problem in your body. It could be that the weak immune system or overactive immune system as the overactive immune system often trigger inflammation that causes tiredness. 

11. Frequent Colds or Flu And Pneumonia 

When you have frequent infections like cold, or flu, this is a sign of an underactive immune system. 

If you also experience Pneumonia more than twice a year, it could be a sign of weak immunity. 

The immune system can be boost by eating good food, regular exercise and the use of prescribed drugs. 

When you feel any of these sign often it's a warning sign that you may need to see your physician before the complete break down of the immune system.

Content created and supplied by: olusolasportspedal (via Opera News )

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