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Pregnancy period

Take Note Of These During Your Pregnancy Period.

As a pregnant woman, there are some things that should be take note before delivery. A pregnant woman have to watch some things she eat, drinks and some activities she does during the period of pregnancy. They needed to know that the pregnancy stage sometimes determine how the health of the child will be throughout his or her life.

Pregnant Woman needs to take note of these during their pregnancy stage;

1. Food

As a pregnant woman, there are some certain food that one should avoid during pregnancy, some of these food are;

- raw egg

- unpasteurized milk

- raw or rare meat e.t.c.

A pregnant woman should take foods like vegetables, colourful friuts, whole grains, foods low in fat, calcium-rich foods. All these helps the unborn baby to develop and grow healthy.

2. Stay hydrated

A pregnant woman needs to take more water during pregnancy, the unborn baby needs nutrients in the form of liquid.

3. Reduce stress

Though a pregnant woman needed to get some exercise during the period of pregnancy, but this should not leads to stress. A pregnant woman needs to rest more than she does when she wasn't pregnant. At least a pregnant woman should sleep for 7-9hours daily.

4. Vitamin

Food rich in vitamin like; orange, spinach, broccoli and kidney beans contains high content of vitamin. Vitamin is also essential during pregnancy.

5. Choose the right time to become pregnant.

Women should make sure they are heathy before getting pregnant. When a woman has a poor health state, this can affect the baby.

Also age should be considered before getting pregnant. Women who have children early in life, or late in life are at great risk for having a preterm birth.

Soo follow this simple tips, to stay healthy during pregnancy, and to have a healthy child.

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