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Reasons why consuming too much groundnuts is bad for you and what harm it might cause to your body

Because of its nutritional value and delicious flavor, the majority of people in Nigeria like eating groundnuts. Cooking with groundnuts is possible, and they can also be eaten roasted or boiled. While groundnuts have positive health effects, excessive consumption can also have negative effects. Additionally, we should be aware that eating raw groundnuts is not advised because doing so would make digestion extremely challenging. In addition to providing nutrients to the body, groundnuts can harm the body if consumed in excess.

The negative effects of consuming too many groundnuts are examined in this article, according to WebMD.

1. Consuming too much groundnut can cause obesity

Overindulging in groundnuts can result in weight gain. Because groundnuts are heavy in calories, it's best to limit your intake to no more than 20 pieces each day. Eat moderate amounts of groundnuts if you don't want to gain too much weight.

2. Certain individuals may experience allergic responses

People with allergies like asthma, ulcer, and other serious allergies are advised not to eat too many groundnuts. When consumed in excess, it could cause a reaction in them.

3. The individual's liver could be harmed

People should use caution while eating groundnuts since they may contain an aflatoxin mold. If the person is not careful, this mold might harm the liver. Before boiling or frying groundnuts, it's a good idea to check for mold.

4. It can cause acne

Taking too many groundnuts can result in facial acne. Androgen is present in groundnuts, and consuming too much of it might make it more noticeable in the body. Acne can result from the body producing too much oil as a result of having too much androgen in it.

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