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Asian Soldier Afraid Of Injection, Cried So Loud When Covid-19 Vaccine Was About To Be Given To Him

An Asian soldier appeared to have phobia for injection when he cried so loud as covid-19 vaccine was about to be administered to him. Read through and watch the video to see the hilarious act he put up in order to escape the vaccine.

A new video surfaced online recently, which captured a hilarious moment where an Asian soldier cried at the top of his voice when he was about to be administered with covid-19 vaccine.

In the video, the soldier could be seen as he was dragged by his colleagues to where the doctors can administer the vaccine on him.

But the young soldier kept crying at the top of his voice anytime the doctor approached him to administer the vaccine.

His colleagues tried to hold him down, but the young man is very strong and takes away his hand anytime the doctor attempted to inject him.

He kept shouting and crying and wouldn't stay calm, which made it impossible for the doctor to administer the vaccine to him.

Nobody seems to understand what the soldier is actually afraid of. But I think he has phobia for injection.

The doctors tried so hard, but the young soldier wouldn't stay calm. Hence, they left him without administering the vaccine, before he stopped crying and walked away.

His colleagues continue to laugh at him, but the young man seems not to care as long as he got what he wanted.

Watch the video here to see how the Asian soldier cried because of injection.

Questions: what do you think this young soldier is afraid of?

- Do you think he was just acting up in order to escape the vaccination or he was simply afraid of injection?

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