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How to stop smoking naturally

Another herb is Licorice chewing on Licorice root which can help you to quit smoking by satisfying the oral fixation of smoking. But dont use it for more than 6 weeks as it may deepens potassium level and raise high blood pressure.

Other herbs thst can be of help is St. John wort, Rhodia rosea or you can smoke herbal cigarettes instead. Herbal cigarette can help you to break through the oral addiction of smoking.Smokers are reliable to die young, is already a popular quote that even a kid can recite perfectly for you. The truth remains that many person's are addicted to smoking and some might be interested in reducing or stopping their smoking habits

Quick step on how to stop smoking naturally

There are many herbs that can help you to quit smoking and also reduce the cravings for a cigarette, or even ease withdrawal symptoms.

Get a Black or Cayenne pepper and add a couple of pinches to your water on a daily basis.

The Cayenne or black pepper will help you to control your nicotine urge or the feelings to smoke.

Give this a try and thank me later!

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Black Cayenne Licorice Rhodia St. John


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