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Here Is One Type Of Tomatoes That Can Cause Liver Damage

Tomatoes are among the healthiest non leafy vegetables one can see around but when we ignore some possible implications that can come from wrong consumption of them, severe health damages might ensue.

Source: The Sun Nigeria

There is a particular grade of tomatoes market women would refer to 'Awarawa', particularly in the eastern part of the country. This type of tomatoes are the damaged ones filtered out of the sound ones and most times one could see some rotten tomatoes among them.

They are often sold at a cheaper price compared to the sound ones which makes a lot of people run after them, especially during those periods of the year when tomatoes are quite scarce and expensive.

Consumption of such tomatoes is unhealthy and can bring health damage, especially those that have already grown moulds. 

When moulds are ingested into the body, they can give rise to harmful substances known as aflatoxins and the effects of these aflatoxins can possibly result to damages of some vital organs such as the liver.

You know what happens when the liver is damaged, virtually no human can survive with a damaged liver. Detoxification of foods is among the functions of the liver, breakdown and excretion of bilirubin which is the product of red blood cell destruction is also among the functions of the liver to count but a few, thus the liver is an organ not to joke with.

Instead of trying to conserve your cash thereby putting your precious and priceless health in danger, you can equally choose other meals that requires no tomatoes if you can't afford the good ones.

For instance, instead of stew, you may choose 'Banga', as well as some other opposite options.

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