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Blend Uziza Leaves, Honey, And Hot Water Together To Treat These Diseases In Men And Women.

Uziza known as bush pepper, Guinea cubes, or west African black pepper is an aromatic vegetable or herbs used to add flavor some local meal especially in eastern parts of Nigeria, it is green leaf when fresh and dark when dried . Uziza is a natural organic spices that add taste to every meal unlike salt that is inorganic.

Uziza as organic, spices contain many important molecules which the body needs to build cells, repairs worn out tissues, and balancing the hormones .

Uziza leaves contains:

Protein, Dietary fiber, Alkaloids, Steroids, Glycosides, Flavonoids, Essential oils, Tannins, Saponins, Peptide, Phenols.

Now, Let's talk about the health benefits people derives from Uziza leaves;

1: Relieve cough:

When people have a cough or find it difficult to breath due to influenza flu, the person can quickly clear the mucus out of the way by using Uziza leaves.

2: Prevention of constipation:

When a person finds it difficult to have bowel movements for a few days, the problem is called constipation. The fiber in uziza leaves helps in promoting active bowel movements such as essential for preventing constipation.

3: Prevention of cancer:

Uziza leaves contains a substance called Flavonoid, a powerful anti oxidant which can help neutralize free radicals in the body.

4: Treatment of diarrhea

Uziza leaves comes with powerful antibacterial minerals which are useful in fighting diarrhea causing micro organisms in the intestine.

5: Improvement of fertility

Uziza leaves improve fertility in women and in men taken in combination with honey.

6: Remedy for stomach ache:

Uziza leaves can help remedy stomachaches and bring about relieve from menstrual cramps.

How to prepare the mixture:

Blend or cook the Uziza leaves to bring out the water , add a teaspoon of honey stir to go round then drink for 7 nights.

Content created and supplied by: Nobletina (via Opera News )

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