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How you can get Ringworms and 6 Tips to Prevent it

I have noticed that children suffer from ringworm a lot, perhaps due to playing in the sand or having lots of body contact. 

Ringworm is not actually a worm but a skin infection that’s caused by mold-like fungi that live on the dead tissues of our skin, hair, and nails. Asides from your head, you can get it in any part of your body including your scalp. You can notice it between your toes, that's what some people call an athlete's foot. Unfortunately, if it spreads to your groin, it’s known as jock itch. Let it not get there.

What are the Symptoms?

The earliest sign is a red, scaly patch or bumps that itch. With time, the bump turns into a ring or circle-shaped patch, perhaps the name, "ring." It may also form several rings. The inside of this ring patch is clear or scaly while on the outside, it might be slightly raised and bumpy.

Oftentimes, if it’s on your skin, you’ll probably notice a flat, scaly patch. Then, the edges will be slightly raised and may have bumps resembling a ring that's obvious. Ringworms itch a lot and are highly contagious. 

Photo Credit: Mayo Clinic

You can get it in any of the following ways:

Infected person

You can get it from another infected person. Ringworm often spreads through skin-to-skin contact.


Through rubbing or grooming a dog, you can get it. Endeavor to wash your hands when you’re done grooming a pet. It’s also quite common in cows.


The fungus that causes ringworm can stay on surfaces, wears, towels, and in combs and brushes.


If you’re playing, working, or standing barefoot in soil that’s infected with the fungus that causes ringworm, you can get it, too. The particular fungi that cause it are ubiquitous. 

Tips that can help you lower your chances of getting ringworm or prevent it from spreading:

Try to keep your skin clean and dry.

Wear bathroom slippers in public bathrooms and toilets.

Wash and change your socks and underwear at least once each day.

Avoid sharing clothes or towels with someone who has ringworm.

If you play games such as football, keep your jersey clean and don’t share them with other teammates.

Wash your hands with soap and water after touching your pets. If your pets have ringworm, see your veterinary doctor for apt treatment.

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