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Carbonated Drinks

4 Major Causes Of Excessive Urination At Night And Foods To Avoid

Urination is indeed one of the major ways the human body removes waste and unwanted materials from the body. The Human body has various excretory organs through which these waste materials leave the body. If these waste materials are not removed at the appropriate time, it could lead to serious harm and infection in the body. The kidney is indeed one of the major excretory organs in the body. It helps to create urine by screening and filtering wastes and excess water from the blood.

After the production of urine by the Kidney, it is very paramount and mandatory to remove these wastes materials from the body at the appropriate time. If this waste material produced by the Kidney is not removed at the appropriate time, this could lead to serious damage and problem to the Kidney. According to research, One is expected to urinate about 6-7 times a day. Also, a healthy individual is not supposed to urinate more than two times at night. Any variation from this could be as a result of a medical condition or ailment called Nocturia.

Below are some of such medical conditions that can cause frequent Urination:

1) Overactive bladder

2) Diabetes

3) Kidney infection

4) Edema

Below are examples of Food and drinks that can cause frequent urination:

1) Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated Drinks are indeed one of the major causes of frequent urination. Carbonated drinks can irritate sensitive bladders. It is therefore advised to limit the intake of carbonated drinks if one has an overactive bladder.

2. Food That Contains Excess Sugar:

3. Spicy Foods

4. Alcohol

5. Acidic Foods (like tomato)

6. Caffeinated Drinks

It is paramount to note that the various food and drinks listed above are not harmful to the body if taken in Moderation. Moderation is the key. I will love to see your opinion in the comments section.


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