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6 Leaves you should consume that will help to increase your blood level.

Blood is very important fluid found in every human beings. The blood is made up of a red pigment called hemoglobin. Blood helps to transport materials within the body. If you don't have enough blood it may become difficult for materials to transported. There are nutritious leaves which helps to boost blood production. These leaves acts as natural blood tonics which helps to increase blood levels.

Below is a list of leaves that can boost blood production


Waterleaf is a very nutritious vegetable that is known for its diverse health benefits. This delicious leaf contains iron which is essential for blood production. You can add water leaf to your soup for a greater health benefit.

2. Ugwu or Pumpkin leaves.

Pumpkin leaves are packed with various vitamins and minerals which helps to keep you active. The iron contained in pumpkin leaves helps to increase your haemoglobin thereby boosting your blood level. Squeeze the juice out or you can use the fluted pumpkin to cook.

 3. Sweet potato leaves

Sweet Potato leaves are known for their high iron content. This natural blood tonic contains a chemical substance which helps to increase your blood level. Consume sweet potato leaves regularly for a faster increase in your blood level.

4. Goat weed (Ageratum conyzoides)

The name of this leaf may be funny but it is a very powerful blood booster. Goat weed can be seen in bushes and farmlands. Scientists in University of Benin were they ones who revealed the usefulness of goat weed.

5. Blood of Jesus leaf (J.Carnea)

J. Carnea is the scientific name for Blood of Jesus leaf. The iron and vitamin B12 contained in this leaf helps to boost blood production. After washing Blood of Jesus leaves, you then boil it for some minutes. It is ready to drink once the water turns red.

6. Hospital Too Far

Hospital too far is a very nutritious vegetable known for its enormous health benefits. This leaf contains Iron and other nutrients that enhances blood production.

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