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"When Next You Want To Fly, Chew Gum Or Yawn While The Plane Is Taking Off" - Aproko Doctor Tweets

Many individuals usually complains about having an ache in their ear whenever they travel by air.

However, Aproko Doctor has adviced people about what to do when they want to fly or land.

@aproko_doctor on Twitter stated "When next you want to fly chew gum or try to yawn while the plane is taking off or landing.

There's a tube connecting the throat and your ear called the eustachian tube, when you chew or yawn, it allows air get into your inner ear. This helps balance both sides and reduces pain."

Trust Nigerians, they had to react in different ways to his advice by tweeting on his page.

@v1rtuee on Twitter stated "How do you handle motion sickness?"

@padovaxx on Twitter stated "What if the urge to yawn isn't there and there's nothing to do, will just opening the mouth work?"

@BlissGod2 on Twitter stated "Just watch a yawning video, I promise if you no yawn. Something is not okay."

@dawn2252000 on Twitter stated "All those doesn't help me, mine was so bad that it started bleeding, my head swelled as if it would burst, the air hostess had to get a plastic cup and put cotton wool soaked in hot water I had to put on both ears. I hate flights because of this."

@arnoldsams on Twitter stated "Doesn't work for me. I chew, yawn, wear earphones and even try to sleep it off. Ear always end up bleeding. Especially on long flights."

@gbengusoye on Twitter stated "Thanks for this. When I disembark, I oftentimes block my nose with thumb and index finger, then force the air out my ears. Sometimes, it just pops painfully."

@IamMoxco_ on Twitter stated "Even after taking off, it's still advisable to chew gum or wear ear piece. The plane's engine sound generally affects the ear."

@BlissGod2 on Twitter stated "That thing dey pain ehhh, but my strategy is to chew gum. I had no idea that yawning works. Thanks doc..."

Source: @aproko_doctor on Twitter.

Content created and supplied by: Thejournalist (via Opera News )

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