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7 Bad Habits That Are Actually Signs You Might Be A Genius

You don't have to be the best student or the most talented person in your company to be a genius.

You can have a particular ability to distinguish between you and everyone else. And 'a genius' is someone extremely intelligent in a given field or activity, or someone with extraordinary skills, according to the Oxford dictionary. And Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on earth, has dropped from school and Albert Einstein, who loved school, has not done good in mathematics, should you not remember it.

Don't make a mistake, I don't say that schools in modern society aren't very important and contribute to our human growth. All I say is that you shouldn't have difficulty with yourself if you're not 'book smart,' because you may be good at other things and the idea of 'intelligence' is broad. There are things we do today that we can call 'bad habits,' because they do not follow what is called 'natural' laws automatically. But studies have shown that some of these 'bad habits' indicate your cleverness and genius instincts are smarter than you think and should not cause any concern.

So let's speak of 7 bad habits that are signs that you might be genius

1. You stay up late at night

So many studies have reported that if you prefer to get late to bed you might have a high IQ or higher intelligence. And while you have something to do early in the morning, it's very convenient for you to stay late at night. It is difficult to fall asleep because your mind is always filled with various thoughts on life because of your higher intellect. Okay, staying at all times late might not be good for your health, but remember that, because you've got a mental illness or something, you 're not an owl, it's important to remember, but simply because you can be a genius!

2. You Are Lazy And Often Procrastinate

Don't get me wrong, it's not always lazy or discreet because you can miss any opportunities or get a sack from your boss (and that's not what we want), but studies have revealed that people who are always considered lazy or tend to procrastinate are often innovative and intelligent. So that makes sense because lazy people don't have too many jobs and want to make them easier and quicker with "genius ideas." Most sometimes that is the case with those who do not because, while you feel that you are leaving your work, the brain is trying to fix that particular problem faster and easier.Achieving bigger and better stuff is more like saving money.

3. You Often Daydream!

It is a sign that you have higher intelligence that allows the mind to wander anywhere it wants, including when you are learning or working. Most people focus on what they do, but when they are working a genius will think about other things or ideas. So it's great if you have work that needs lots of imagination and that will boost your imaginative mind so you can concentrate on other things. And don't worry, you'll probably have a great idea for the next time you think about a particular work or talk to others! When you ponder this

4. You Always Bite Your Nails

Sure, this is a very significant pattern associated with anxiety and nervousness, but that is not exactly the case. Researchers who followed 1000 children from the age of 5 found that there was a higher intelligence among children who kept bending their clots until they were 32. Researchers have found that it is less likely that those who muck their clots will develop allergies. And because nail biting is associated with anxiety, it helps relieve stress, tension, and boredom and keeps the mind busy with imaginative and brilliant ideas.

5. You Often Talk To Yourself!

Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm not thinking about "crazy talk" but about the ability to have a reasonable conversation with yourself. Research has shown that talking to yourself can be a sign of high IQ, as you can effectively inform or analyze yourself. Often, before carrying out a plan or project you can rehearse, make positive changes or suggestions, and know what to do.

6. You're Often Messy/Scattered

I know it often means frustration, and you may feel like you're a bad person because you can't get your act together in your home or workplace, but you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. According to a study carried out by Minnesota University, 'people who are continuously surrounded by chaos or storm tend to be happier,' rather than worrying about a clean environment that will soon become messy again, they prefer to achieve their objectives. To put it another way, chaotic people know how to prioritize and concentrate on what counts. And planning stuff is the least of their concerns!

7. You Always Complain About Being Misunderstood

It is undoubtedly because of your brilliance that you sometimes find that no one else knows you or your perspective. Because of your high intelligence level, you have a unique view of life and you have a very nuanced way of thinking. And when you think and talk in a nuanced manner, it is difficult for "natural" people to understand their views and daily interactions with them become difficult. That's why some geniuses are there, and still noisy. The good news though is that through your high intellect you will attract similar minds. You can become an incontrovertible force as you combine, and do great things.

These are some common 'bad' habits to higher intelligence.

And I'm not endorsing bad habits in any way, but only letting you know it can be simply because of your higher intellect and brilliance if you have some of those behaviors and find it hard to stop them, and not because you're a horrible guy.

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