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4 Benefits Of Stretching During Pregnancy

Safe stretches during pregnancy come with a host of amazing benefits, both for the mother and the baby. Pregnancy is fraught with pain in many parts of the body, and stretching can help mothers cope with these changes in the body.

The posture of the woman changes as the size of her belly increases. Combine that with the weight of the foetus, and the result is that the woman is always under some pain. Back pain is extremely common in pregnant women, mainly because of the growth of the foetus accompanied by the hormonal changes taking place in her body. These are the areas that stretching works well for the benefit of the mother.


1. Stretching the back during pregnancy can help in resolving the stiff feeling in the back.

2. It can improve the range of motion of the mother.

3. The heartbeat of the mother increases when she exercises which is why the foetus in the womb gets more blood.

This results in a healthy baby in the womb.

4 stretching exercises can help mothers keep their weight in check, and not gain too much weight during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy stretches in the third trimester are also useful since they loosen up the joints and make the mother slightly more comfortable during childbirth.

Health is wealth

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