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4 Medical Conditions That Can Cause Back Pain Especially In Women

Most times, we face certain things in our body without knowing what exactly could be the cause. Well, back pain is one of the discomforts which many people suffer today and it affects both male and female.

There are conditions peculiar to the women which could be the cause of the back pain that they face. Hence, this article discusses 4 medical conditions which can cause back pain especially in women.1. One of the condition is having pain which arises from the buttocks. It could be one buttock or two of them, and this condition is called piriformis syndrome.

It affects women mostly due to changes in hormones and also when pregnancy is involved in some cases. Piriformis syndrome is an inflammation which compresses the muscles or nerves around the buttock and hip.

This inflammation go down to the leg in some cases hence, causing back pain which can be mild or chronic as it gets worse.

Some other symptoms of piriformis are pain when you get out of bed and when you sit for too long. The link below from spine health has more to say:

2. Another condition that can cause back pain in women is degenerative spondylolisthesis. Just as the name implies, it is a case when a nerve reduces or shifts to another position over the one below.

In other words, it is said to be a degeneration of vertebra. This condition can be found mostly in women who have reached menopause and now have low estrogen (a hormone that helps the female reproductive organ).

However, such persons can have back pain because of the low estrogen level, which degenerates the vertebra disc and makes the ligaments holding it to get loosened up.3. There is a case which is peculiar to only women and it is a case where the tissues of the uterus grow outside the womb. It is a very delicate situation and referred to as endometriosis.

It is another medical condition which can cause back pain. Women with such cases suffer from lower back pain especially during their monthly flow. They can also have pain in the pelvic.

4. When you have spinal osteoarthritis, it is another condition that can cause back pain. It has to do with the joints that connect the vertebra.

It equally has to do with age and weight of a person which means, that women who are over weight are at a higher risk of suffering this disease. Also, as they get older, there are possibilities of facing this condition.

Apart from the medical conditions listed in this article, there are others which are not mentioned. Always see a doctor when you notice any pain that refuses to go away after few days.

Pictures credited to Healthline and wikiHow.

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