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This Woman Has the Farthest Eye Ball Protrusion (Photos).

God is a good of wonder and anything crated by him is beautiful. A lot of humans can perform impossible feat.

In this article I will be writing about Kim Goodman, a woman who can pop her eyes out of her eye socket by 12 millimeters. Some of us might have come across her pictures in the internet but may not know her name.

Kim Goodman is a citizen of USA. She is unique for being able to Pop her eyesball by 12 millimeters.

She holds the Guinness world record for the farthest eye ball protrusion. Her eyes ball were measured in Turkey in 2007.

The term which is used to describe eyeballs displacement is "proptosis".

It is reported that Kim Goodman discovered this talent when she was hit with an hockey mask but can now pop her eyeball herself.

See some photos of her here...

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