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Is it Proper To Consume Alcohol Before Sex?

Whether or not it is proper to consume alcohol before sèxual relations is a hotly-debated topic, as opinions and beliefs on the subject tend to vary greatly. While some individuals feel that hormones and emotions that stem from drinking can help to enhance the sèxual experience, others feel that it can have a negative impact on both parties involved. Furthermore, some of the potential risks that may arise need to be considered when making a decision on whether consuming alcohol prior to sèx is an appropriate course of action.

Before discussing whether it is proper to consume alcohol before sèx, it is important to understand the neurological and physiological effects that occur when alcohol is consumed. Primarily, after alcohol intake, one’s sense of inhibition and judgment is decreased, leading individuals to make decisions that they normally would not. This can be beneficial in terms of loosening people up and creating an atmosphere for a more enjoyable sèxual experience; however, it also could lead to unwise decisions that could put people in precarious positions. On the flipside, alcohol can also bring about an increase in blood flow to the sèxual areas, ultimately increasing the sensations one experiences during sèx.

Despite the potential benefits that may come from consuming alcohol before sèx, there are several risks associated with the practice. To begin, alcohol is a depressant and can more easily lead to sèxually-related problems such as impotence and difficulty with achieving orgasm. Furthermore, it can reduce one’s sensitivity to condoms and cause them to break more easily. Additionally, impaired judgment due to the consumption of alcohol commonly leads to an increased risk of sexual violence or abuse, from either party involved. Although it may be argued that such altercations are more likely to occur in a setting where both parties are sober, drinking has been estimated to be involved in up to 70 percent of sèxual violence cases.

According to healthline, When determining whether consuming alcohol before sèx is a proper course of action, the potential benefits and risks need to be examined. For some individuals, the potential increase in sèxual pleasure and excitement is worth taking the risk; however, others may deem the potential risks too great. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the safest and healthiest course of action is to abstain from drinking prior to sèxual activities. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that such decisions in regards to sèx and alcohol should always be made mutually and communicated openly with one’s partner(s). By familiarizing oneself with the neurological and physiological effects of alcohol as well as the potential risks and benefits that can arise, one can make an informed decision on whether consuming alcohol prior to sèx is an appropriate course of action.

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