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Opinion: Four common ways to prevent cancer

It is a useful reminder to listen to your body and report the sound of distress to your doctor because early diagnosis is important but you can go one better, you reduce the risk of getting cancer. These are four commandment ways by which cancer will be prevented.

1. Avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. Get medical imaging studies only when you need them, check your home for residential radon which increases the risk of melanomas and other skin cancer. But don't worry about electromagnetic radiation from high voltage power lines or radiofrequency radiation from microwaves and cellphones.

2. Avoid exposure to industrial and environmental toxins such as asbestos fibers, benzene, aromation amine, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

3. Avoid infection that contributes to cancer, including hepatitis viruses and the human papillomavirus many are transmitted sexually or through contaminated needles.

4. Make quality sleep a priority. Admittedly, the evidence linking sleep to cancer is not strong but poor and insufficient sleep increase is associated with weight gain, which is a cancer risk factor.

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