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British hospital refuses to treat a child due to her mother's profession

British hospital refuses to treat a child due to her mother's profession

The medical staff in a British hospital refused to treat a sick 12-year-old girl, due to the profession of her mother, who works as a front-line nurse and treats patients infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

A report by the British newspaper "Mirror" dealt with the details of the incident, explaining that the mother, "Tracy Shenton", who is from "Staffordshire", England, was shocked when she took her daughter, "Emily" to a pre-booked appointment at the hospital, where they were asked to stay in the car for some time.

The report added that "Shenton", 48, had booked an emergency appointment in that hospital with her doctor over the phone, but upon her arrival with her daughter, they were informed that none of the doctors could examine the child, because her mother was in contact with patients who had tested positive for Corona infection.

The "Mirror" quoted the mother, who works at another university hospital in "Stoke-on-Trent", as saying that she was not suffering from any symptoms of the disease, as she explained to the hospital workers who refused to treat her daughter that she wears full protective clothing every day while dealing with Corona patients since Last February, but to no avail.

It is noteworthy that the child "Emily" suffers from monthly fainting spells that forced her to miss her school while awaiting a diagnosis and treatment. "Shinton" expressed her dissatisfaction with the medical staff's treatment of her daughter during statements she made to a local newspaper, indicating that she feels guilty that her profession has prevented her daughter from undergoing a medical examination she needs.

She added that she waited in her car with her daughter for 15 minutes, at the request of the hospital staff, before they contacted her to inform her that the child could not be examined, and they also told her that the hospital does not have the correct personal protective equipment, so doctors cannot see her child.

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