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Here is How You Can Recognize HIV/AIDS Rash On Anyone with The Disease

An HIV rash is irritated skin that affects people who have the virus. It can be itchy, red or purple, or painful. Most people who have HIV get a rash at some point. It’s a common symptom that can happen in early (acute) or later stages of HIV infection.  Like other initial symptoms of HIV, it’s easy to mistake this rash for a symptom of another viral infection. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to identify this rash.

How to Identify the Rash

Whether caused by an HIV medication or by HIV itself, the rash typically appears as a red, flattened area on the skin that’s usually covered with small red bumps.

While many diseases can cause this type of rash, an "HIV rash" will generally affect the upper part of the body. There may also be ulcers in the mouth or on the genitals. The rash can be itchy or painful. Flu-like symptoms are also common.


This is a skin condition in which the skin reacts to exposure to the sun by turning darker in color. It's most common in people of color, but anyone with HIV is susceptible to photodermatitis. If you're taking medications to improve immune strength, you may have this reaction as a side effect. Protecting the skin from the sun is usually the strategy used to reduce photodermatitis.

Do I have an HIV rash?

If you are suffering from an unexplained rash, it is important that you visit a doctor to get diagnosed. Rashes can have many different causes, from allergies to infections. Let them know of any skin changes that have developed. This will help the healthcare provider make a diagnosis. In order to check whether you have HIV, you will have to have a blood test.

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