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Early Warning Signs Of Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer also known as gastric ulcer can be described as a painful sore in the stomach lining. It occurs when the thick mucus layer that protects the stomach from digestive juice reduces.It is a type of peptic ulcer disease. The symptoms and causes of this health condition will be discussed in this article.

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Warning Signs Of Stomach Ulcer:

1 Burning sensation between the belly button and chest

2 Shortness of breath and tiredness

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3 Bloody vomit

4 Dark stools

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5 Acid reflux and indigestion

6 Loss of appetite due to pain

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7 Bloating

8 Loss of weight and intolerance of fatty foods

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9 Feeling full easily

10 Intense stomach pain: This pain is usually intense when the stomach is empty

Causes Of Stomach Ulcer:

1 Bacterium infections

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2 The long term use of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

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Stomach Ulcer


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