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Why Drugs Can Make You A Liability To Your Family And The Society At Large.

"The Bane of this generation is the priority given to mediocrity".

A Drug is an illegal substance that some people take, smoke, drink or inject to get pleasant or exciting feelings. Usually every drug manufactured is meant to be taken on prescription by a medical practitioner purposely to cure ailments. Unfortunately, many people use these substances illegally for whatsoever reason thereby jeopardizing their own health without even knowing.

In April 2018, the Nigerian government banned the use of codeine which was normally a cough syrup but has been severely abused by people..

If someone is already addicted he or she can become a problem to the family or society. The problems are;

1. Dropping out of school

Money has been wasted on this individual but he or she has to drop school because they cannot concentrate on school activities due to the effect of the drugs.

2. Organ Failure

The heart, liver, kidney and other valuable part of the individual might be destroyed due to the excessive take of the drugs

3. Severe low blood pressure

4. Insanity

5. Suicide attempt

6. Violence

7. Infertility in men and women

8. Death

There is help for you!

I believe you can come out of it if you are already into drugs. With determination and a resolute mind, you are already on your way out. You can get help from school, good friends, priests, pastors, imams, elders and by God's grace you shall be set free.

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Bane Nigerian Society At Large


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