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5 Nigerian Foods That Are Good For People Who Have Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a painful medical condition that occurs when a sore develops in the walls of the stomach. Stomach ulcers is mainly caused by two thing, the first is the consistent and prolonged intake of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and the second cause is the H pylori bacteria.

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The pain caused by stomach ulcer can be mild, moderate or severe. Stomach ulcers can be triggered by a lot of things one of which is food.

However, there are certain foods that can help to calm stomach ulcers and prevent the sores form opening or, causing pain and discomfort. 

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Here Are Five Top Nigerian Foods That Are Good For People Who Have Stomach Ulcers

1. Pap: pap is a very popular semi solid food popularly refered to as 'Akamu'. Pap is consumed by people of all ages and one the most popular grain used in making pap is corn.

Although, it is not yet scientifically proven, many people have testified to the fact that, taking pap relieves they ulcer. Pap is particularly effective if it is combined with original honey.

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2. Wheat And Nigerian Soups: wheat is another healthy grain that has been proven to be suitable for stomach ulcer patients. Wheat is one of the grains that are cultivated in Nigeria which makes finding it an easy task.

You can consume wheat in different forms like, wheat bread or, you can grind it and use it to make fufu. Nigerian soups like eguisi, ogbono, groundnut soup, Banga soup etc are also very suitable for stomach ulcer patients.

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3. Unripe Plantain: aside from the fact that, unripe plantains are packed with essential nutritents like iron, calcium, potassium etc, they are also a very good food for people who suffer form stomach ulcers.

Also, unripe plantain is suitable for people if all ages. Unripe plaintain can be prepared in various ways such as porridge, pounded plaintain, plaintain flour etc.

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4. Moi Moi: moi is one of the most popular local foods in Nigeria. Moi moi is a by-product of beans which means it is highly nutritious. Many ulcer patients do not eat beans because, it can trigger heart burn and acid refluxes for them however, moi moi does not trigger any negative reaction.

Moi moi is easy to digest and can be consumed with other stomach ulcer soothing foods like, pap.

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5. Okra: okra is not just a popular Nigerian food, it is also a relatively cheap food that many families whose income are below average can afford.

Okra is a very good food for people with stomach ulcer as it does not just calm stomach ulcers it also, improves the gastrointestinal health by promoting easy digestion, preventing constipation and neutralizing acids.

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Vegetables, eggs, fish, Greek yoghurt are also very good foods for stomach ulcer patients.

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